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Publications and Other Documents

Hurricane Information and Preparedness
Hurricane Preparedness PowerPoint
Hurricane Information and Preparedness
•Get informed. •Make a plan. •Assemble a kit. •Maintain your plan and kit.
Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Grand Cayman
The vulnerability of people, buildings and infrastructure to natural and man-made hazards.
The Impact of Hurricane Ivan in the Cayman Islands
ECLAC Report 3 December 2008
Impact of Hurricane Ivan in Grand Cayman
A technical review of the hazards and their effects. By Simon Young & Tony Gibbs. 18 February 2005.
Preliminary Vulnerability Assessment of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
By NDAC June 2009
Business Continuity Planning in the Post Ivan Recovery in the Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Case Study.
Disaster Management Capability Review Cayman Islands
15th - 25th JANUARY 2007.
Macro Socio-Economic Assessment of the Damage and Losses Caused by Hurricane Paloma
ECLAC Report 2 April 2009
Statement of Guidance — Business Continuity Management
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. March 2007.
A GIS based approach for hurricane hazard and vulnerability assessment in the Cayman Islands
A. Taramelli, * E. Valentini, * S. Sterlacchini * This paper describes the design, development and application of a conceptual foundation for a quantitative integrated coastal element vulnerability assessment using the up to date Source -Pathway-Receptor-Consequence (SPRC) approach. In the example of Cayman Islands, the presence of exposed elements at risk, as the port or the airport, named critical facilities, drives serious potential damage effects due to high winds and storm surge.
Exposure of main critical facilities to natural and Man Made Hazards in Grand Cayman
D. A. Novelo-Casanova • G. Suarez * The level of exposure to the impact of natural and man-made hazards of the main critical facilities at Grand Cayman (GC), Cayman Islands, was determined using the methodology developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coastal Services Center. Previous studies identified hurricanes as the most important natural hazard for GC.
Natural and man-made hazards in the Cayman Islands
D. A. Novelo-Casanova • Gerardo Suarez * The magnitude, frequency, and probability of occurrence of the natural and manmade hazards that may potentially affect the islands are identified and ranked. The more important natural hazard to which the Cayman Islands are exposed is clearly hurricanes. To a lesser degree, the islands may be occasionally exposed to earthquakes and tsunamis.
FOI Law 2018 Revision
Update of the Freedom of Information Law